Nebraska City

The Elaborate Pipe Structure at 10th Street and 1st Corso, Nebraska City

Mystery Pipes in Nebraska City

Mystery Pipes in Nebraska City

What is the purpose of this pipe structure? It is on  the North East Corner of 10th street and 1st Corso. It is  mystery to me!

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A Mystery of Wyuka Cemetery


In Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City is a burial plot that contains not less than 27 members of the Livingston family. It includes the last resting place of one of the city’s famous sons, Daniel Webster Livingston, a member of the House of Representatives in 1927.

Strange to say, five members of Livingstone family have their date of burial on the same day, month and Year! Clearly, there has to be a logical reason for this, and I would think that probably, the building plot was re-opened so as to bury the remains of a family member from elsewhere with members of his family.

Mystery of the burning car.



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