Minersville was named for the coal deposits and mines in the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River.  It is located in Otoe County in eastern central Nebraska about four miles south of Nebraska City and four miles east.  It is located right next to the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks.
The town was first called Bennett’s Ferry, due to a man named John Bennett, who operated a ferry across the Missouri River to Iowa.  The post office in Bennett’s Ferry opened on January 28, 1856.  The name was changed to Otoe City on April 20, 1857.  The name was changed again to Minersville on December 21, 1874.
At one time there was over 1,000 people living in Minersville.  In 1901, a shaft cave in at the coal mines killed all but 14 men and boys working at the mine.  The post office operated until February 15, 1923.  The downtown area is still there, but is really run down.